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Choosing the right computer monitor

At 2nd-Byte, we’ve got all your computing needs covered. Products like our off-lease monitors can update your home computer setup. There are important monitor features that set some apart from others. We’ll help narrow down the field with this quick guide.

Eight reasons to buy mini desktop PCs

Mini desktop computers allow you to have a compact device that won’t take up your entire desk space while still giving you the power you need. 2nd-Byte offers discount computer equipment to fulfill your computer needs.

Reasons to utilize cloud computing

Cloud computing has a number of benefits, including costs savings...but what is it? Why do we need it? And how can it benefit your business? Here are the top 5 reasons that you should be using cloud computing.

Office Trends For 2018

Now that we’re more than a month into the new year, chances are your office has been getting a little spruce-up for the new year. This week, we’re taking a little break from our normal talks about software, the qualities of great purchasing/IT managers, computer maintenance, cloud computing, and refurbished computers, to explore some hot office trends you’ll be seeing this year.



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