Eight reasons to buy mini desktop PCs

Eight reasons to buy mini desktop PCs

Some people may think desktop computers are a thing of the past. The rise of laptops and tablets has people reaching for portable devices that easily fit their on-the-go lives. While we love portable electronics, we still see a need for desktop computers in 2018.

Mini desktop computers allow you to have a compact device that won’t take up your entire desk space while still giving you the power you need. 2nd-Byte offers discount computer equipment to fulfill your computer needs.

Desktop computers provide a comfort that laptops and tablets do not.

From a large HD screen to a full-sized keyboard, you can customize your desktop computer to fit your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all for desktops, so mix and match devices to maximize your media consumption, storage and comfort.

Build the perfect home office.

If you have a home office, then you want to set up a space that is just for work. It will keep your mind focused and prevent you from wandering around the house getting distracted by other things you need to do. Mini desktops allow you to create a spacious home office. Unlike towers, mini desktops such as the HP Elitedesk offer a compact alternative while still providing a powerful computer.

Mini desktop PCs allow you to leave work behind.

Who says portability is always a good thing? With a desktop computer, you have no other option than to leave work at work. There’s no packing it in your briefcase at the end of the workday. When the lights in the office go off at 5 p.m., so does your computer. It will be ready for you in the morning when you return, but no sooner.

Mini desktops are more powerful.

Whether you are computer programming or gaming, desktops provide more power than portable electronics since they are not battery powered.  

Mini desktops are more affordable.

The combined cost of desktops and monitors is substantially less than laptops. By purchasing discount computer equipment from 2nd-Byte, you will save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and still end up with a powerful, high-quality processing system.

Most desktop computers still have CD/DVD/CD-RW Drives.

Fewer and fewer laptops are equipped with CD/DVD drives, causing frustration for many users. Yet ultra slim desktops like the Dell 9020 still have a CD/DVD player, meaning you don’t have to spend money on an external device. Whether you are downloading software or queuing your movie collection, this ultra-slim desktop offers a feature that laptops and tablets do not.   

Desktop computers are optimized for output devices.

From printers to external drives, desktops have the upper hand when it comes to using I/O (input/output) devices.

Desktop computers are more secure and less likely to be damaged.

We won’t lie – the possibility is still there. However, it is a lot easier for a thief to steal a laptop or tablet when you aren’t looking than to break into your house and haul your desktop computer and monitor away. There is definitely not a chance that someone is going to spill on your desktop at the coffee shop.

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