The best back-to-school computers

The best back-to-school computers

Summer is nearly over and school is almost back in session.

Many high schools are open in mid-August. Colleges and universities across the country normally resume classes by early September. As they ramp up, so does the need for affordable discount computer equipment.

Obviously, school means schoolwork. Students in primary, middle and high schools may be able to get away with a fairly limited selection of software. A good word processing program combined with an internet connection – for things like YouTube, online homework websites or math tutorials – can go a long way.

A college student might have more broadly-ranged computer requirements depending on his or her chosen major. A music performance or music education major may need specific programs for audio analysis and editing. A film or marketing major needs a computer with a processor capable of handling high-quality videos, not to mention the software used to produce them. Engineering students may need computer-assisted design programs, which also use lots of processing power. You get the idea!

As of 2015, one government study found that 80 percent of eighth graders needed to use a computer at home for educational purposes.

We stock lots of discount computer equipment ideal for any student in any situation.

We’ll tell you why!

Dorm room desktops

Parents, remember living in college dorm rooms? Well, not much has changed.

In short: they’re still tiny.

Living on campus means a cramped room, which may have two bunk beds, a couple of small writing desks and a dresser. Budgeting is also important for college students, and it may make  the most financial sense to share a desktop computer with roommates.

Luckily, desktop computers are no longer giant monstrosities that take up half of a desk.

Mini desktop computers are great space-saving options and can be hooked up to any monitor (or even an extra TV!). Best of all, we can upgrade the memory, storage or operating system depending on how many will be sharing the computer. The HP EliteDesk 800 is a mini desktop that can handle anything a college student can throw at it. To complete your setup, we stock monitors of various screen sizes and prices.

Want to get even simpler? 2nd-Byte has a range of all-in one PCs that pack the computer and display into one machine. The HP EliteOne 800 All-In-One PC is ready to go with little to no setup required. It’s even got a touch screen!

Laptops for portability

If you’re a high schooler who’s tired of taking handwritten notes, then one of our Windows laptops might be your lifesaver.

Laptops are all about on-the-go usage and portability. Finishing an assignment before bed, meeting to work on a group project at the coffee shop or keeping up with a fast-talking teacher in class are all near impossible without a good computer at your fingertips.

The HP ProBook 440 is a solid student laptop, complete with an impressive 14” display. We sell them for as low as $279, meaning there’s probably still room in your budget for a RAM upgrade.

Make sure to check with your school before investing in any kind of computer. Some high schools may not allow computers of any kind, while some others “lease” them to students for the duration of their schooling. Colleges often have specific tech buying guides, down to specific majors. Search the handbook before you buy – then give us a call for the discount computer equipment you need to succeed!

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