Computer Components 101

If you are not a tech-savvy individual, then you probably have no idea how the parts of computer work together and what each part is responsible for. You have probably heard some sort of explanation, but it’s likely that they used terms that aren’t in your everyday vocabulary. Let us break down how a computer's main components such as the processor, the RAM, and the hard drive work together seamlessly.  

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Refurbished Computers And Why You Should Buy One

When you invest in a computer you might be asking yourself, “How long is this going to last me?” The average desktop computer usually only lasts about five years on average before it would need to be completely replaced. Laptops have an even shorter lifespan since it usually gets more use as you can carry them around and they are harder to cool which is the main source of laptop issues. The average lifespan of a laptop is only about three to four years.

2nd-Byte Success Story: Home Instead

2nd-Byte recently teamed up with Home Instead, the leader in home-based care. The company has franchises all over the world and was in need of some major help. Franchisees were meeting basic requirements but were all using different technologies to run their businesses, creating a technological spider-web of horror. It was a mess.

How Cloud Computing Will Change Our Lives

Cloud computing is having the ability to store items in a server that other people have access to. Google Drive for example is a cloud service because multiple people can access it if it shared with them. You can run an entire computer system without actually having files stored on a computer system without having to store actual files on a computer. Cloud computing is just a safer and more efficient way of doing things.



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