All you need to know about the latest trends in the computer industry

The tech world is always growing, before you know it, you missed something big.  Here's a look at four big trends this year.

Myths about refurbished computers

Certified refurbished companies, such as 2nd-Byte, are here to make sure you get the best possible computer for not only your computer needs, but your wallet as well.

2nd-Byte sponsors the Boxer 500 for colon cancer

The Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force is a nonprofit charity that does great work for those affected by the disease. This year, they’re holding a 5K run/walk dubbed “The Boxer 500.” 2nd-Byte is proud to be a Gold Level sponsor for the event!

The best back-to-school computers

Summer is nearly over and school is almost back in session. We stock lots of discount computer equipment ideal for any student in any situation. We’ll tell you why!

Choosing the right computer monitor

At 2nd-Byte, we’ve got all your computing needs covered. Products like our off-lease monitors can update your home computer setup. There are important monitor features that set some apart from others. We’ll help narrow down the field with this quick guide.



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