2nd-Byte sponsors the Boxer 500 for colon cancer

2nd-Byte sponsors the Boxer 500 for colon cancer

Both 2nd-Byte and our parent company, P&L Capital Corporation, are Omaha-based.

P&L was founded in 1996 to help lease third-party technology to customers nationwide. 2nd-Byte has been around since 2001, and our mission is simple: bridge the gap between off-lease computer equipment from companies and the public who can make use of it.

Throughout the broad scope of our history, we’ve made it a priority to support the Omaha community we call home. We love our loyal customers and we aim to give back by supporting the local issues that matter most to you!

Our cause

Nebraska is a great state, but we could be doing better. How?

We’re one of the lowest-ranked states in the nation in terms of adults over the age of 50 who are screened for colorectal cancer. Only 62 percent of adults in this age group have been adequately screened.

This may seem like a big number, but consider this: Nebraska is ranked 38th nationwide.

Colorectal cancer affects one in 23 men and one in 21 women on average. American Cancer Society data shows about 95,000 new cases of colon cancer and 40,000 cases of rectal cancer are diagnosed every year.

How you can help

The Great Plains Colon Cancer Task Force “is dedicated to increasing the number of lives saved from colon cancer through education, early detection and prevention.”

They’re a nonprofit charity that does great work for those affected by these diseases.

This year, they’re holding a 5K run/walk dubbed “The Boxer 500.” 2nd-Byte is proud to be a Gold Level sponsor for the event!

In terms of its name, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Participants can walk for leisure or run competitively, but all are invited to come dressed in their finest boxer shorts. The idea is to spread awareness about colorectal cancer screening and smash the stigmas associated with it.

If you’re a competitive runner, the event will serve as the statewide 5K championship for the Road Runners Club of America. If you just want to enjoy a walk and support a great cause, have no fear, starting positions behind the runners are open to families of all ages. If you want to participate but aren’t excited about a full 5K, there’s also a one-mile walk.

Form a team for a chance to win best-in-show awards for your boxers! Have fun coordinating the most vibrant boxer shorts you can and show up in style with your team. You may win a prize!

After the walk, there will be plenty to do! Live music and a breakfast courtesy of the Pancake Man and Hy-Vee.

You can register online prior to the event, which takes place Sunday, August 19 at Werner Park in Papillion. You can also register the day of the event for a slightly higher price.

Join 2nd-Byte’s own Phil Lieber in supporting this great cause – in your boxers!

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