2nd-Byte Success Story: Home Instead

2nd-Byte Success Story: Home Instead

2nd-Byte has found a way for businesses to grow and evolve with ever-changing technology without breaking the bank -- all while building long-lasting professional relationships with their clients.

2nd-Byte recently teamed up with Home Instead, the leader in home-based care. The company has franchises all over the world and was in need of some major help. Franchisees were meeting basic requirements but were all using different technologies to run their businesses, creating a technological spider-web of horror. It was a mess.

Home Instead would give each franchisee a list of technology requirements, then the franchisee would go out and purchase their own equipment. No big shocker here, many times these new business owners would focus on the price point rather than the quality of the system they were purchasing. The frustrations started to grow when it came time to turn the new computer on, set it up, and get connected to the cloud based server. Franchisees spent hours and hours working with Home Instead’s support team, many times to no avail.

The technology mess was frustrating for more than just the franchisees, Home Instead was focusing so much time and energy on getting the computer systems to work that it took time away from the being quality caregivers, the core values and purpose of the company.

Home Instead started doing their research, there had to be an affordable alternative option. Enter stage left: 2nd-Byte!

We were able to provide Home Instead’s corporate office with high-quality, off-lease computers. Thankfully, the IT department at Home Instead was impressed with our services. 2nd-Byte and Home Instead worked together to create the perfect computer system for all franchisees.

The pairing worked so well that Home Instead now has their own section on the 2nd-Byte website. All Home Instead franchisee’s now go to the 2nd-Byte site to order their high-quality, business class computer - that just so happens to be ready to go, straight out of the box.  

When the franchisee opens the box and plugs in their new computer; it will power up with a custom image and all needed applications already pre-installed for each person. Added bonus: Every system comes with a warranty and a friendly support person on the other end of the phone.

From a technical and relationship perspective, Home Instead quotes,

“Having 2nd-Byte as a partner and option plus partnering with Microsoft 365 have been two of the best decisions we have made regarding IT. If you have a desktop need, 2nd-Byte is your choice!”

If your company is in need of low-cost, off-lease computers, contact us at 2nd-Byte and we would love to help you out!



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