How Cloud Computing Will Change Our Lives

How Cloud Computing Will Change Our Lives

Cloud computing is having the ability to store items in a server that other people have access to. Google Drive for example is a cloud service because multiple people can access it if it shared with them. You can run an entire computer system without actually having files stored on a computer system without having to store actual files on a computer. Cloud computing is just a safer and more efficient way of doing things.

Here are a couple ways that cloud computing will change our lives and our businesses:

  • Fixing things will be easier.
    If you use cloud computing, you can expect to get notices when things are going to go haywire.  Cloud based apps can let you know when your electric car is running out of battery or field technicians that are using tablets that have cloud computing can be given immediate access to materials or training modules that they might need on-site.
  • Computers will become obsolete.
    As cloud computing spreads, this will make software and computing nearly invisible. The interaction that you have with computer will become more hands free and available to you instantly.
  • Cloud computing has made a huge impact on the healthcare industry.
    It has allowed patient data to be shared with medical professionals and on patient portals for patients to check their own status and treatment follow-ups. The healthcare industry is definitely a growing market and will continue to grow over the years
  • Taking cloud computing to developing countries.
    Developing countries don't have the funds to build infrastructures, but with cloud computing they can tap into data and applications that are available in the cloud.

    This can go along way when it comes to banking, health and science and agriculture.
  • Cloud computing in educational institutions has allowed students to access data anywhere and at anytime.
    They can enroll into online classes and participate in group projects 100% online. Institutions can also bill and charge students for their education through cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing has also transformed how people are searched for and do their research online.
    Anyone can turn into “social media famous” just by going viral on any social media platform. With cloud computing, it has never been easier to search for old friends and classmates in any online community.
  • Businesses use cloud computing every day in their online marketing efforts.
    Businesses can now use these social media platforms to put their services and innovations out their for clients and potential clients to see.

Cloud computing has brought a lot of advantages to everyday life and we are seeing cloud computing impact our world and our technology on many levels.

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