The newest high-tech computers for sale soon

The newest high-tech computers for sale soon

Digital electronics are evolving at a rate we’ve not seen since their inception decades ago.

When laptops like the MacBook first came out, consumers were struck by the possibility of a portable yet powerful computer. More bulky and less reliable offerings from brands like HP and Dell have become things of the past, as even these brands have innovated since then.

There are numerous large electronics trade shows across the world each year. Companies use these exhibitions to show off their flashiest new offerings, most of which haven’t even hit the market yet.

The market responds to itself – when one brand comes out with new high-tech computers for sale, the others try to one-up it. This creates healthy competition that drives tech forward into a bright and innovative future.

We’ll outline a few of the main overall trends in the current portable computer industry, and give you an idea of which laptops you may want to save up for!

Battery Life Like Never Before

Laptops are getting thinner and thinner (we’ll cover this in-depth later), which means there’s less internal room for bulky components. The battery is key to any portable device. A laptop becomes useless on-the-go if its battery dies too quickly. Portability requires a battery that can last a full work day, or at least eight hours.

The majority of today’s laptops can last about 12 hours, depending on application usage. Things like Internet video streaming, audio/video editing, or an Internet browser loaded with open tabs can kill a battery in half a day if done intensively.

Intel has a solution to the battery problems of laptop power-users. The company announced at the Computex convention that innovative low-power display technology could raise laptop battery life to nearly 30 hours!

According to Intel, the new display operates at a lower average brightness. The tech was tested with the same processing chips that are found in MacBook laptops.

New high-tech computers for sale that last two workdays on one charge might not be far away!

Souped-Up Screens

While Intel has opted to make screens less powerful, other manufacturers are going all in on their displays. The plural form of this last word is specifically important!

One of the most ambitious new devices is Asus’ Project Precog. It features two 4K displays, one in the place where the physical keyboard would normally be. So, where does this leave typing on one of these new devices? Easy. The second display can magically transform into a touchscreen keyboard whenever you need it.

Asus is utilizing another new technology, artificial intelligence (AI), to make its two displays smarter. When you rest both hands on the display, AI will automatically bring up the keyboard. If you hold a stylus to the displays, AI will adapt to your drawing in real time. It can even optimize battery usage based on times when it thinks you’ll need the most power.

Lenovo’s dual-screen Yoga Book device will also feature similar foldable displays.

Thinner Is Better

Laptops like the HP EliteBook Folio 9480m used to be among the slimmest laptops on the market, along with others. Now, thanks largely to Apple’s popular MacBook Air line, other manufacturers have slimmed down their devices even more.

Dell’s XPS 13 laptop and Acer’s Swift 7 are both business-savvy devices that are extremely thin, yet powerful.

The CES 2018 trade show also featured lots of new gaming laptops, a genre becoming more popular by the year. Their main features? Light, super-thin bodies and 4K screens.

Some of these devices remain concepts for now, but soon, they’ll be the among the flashiest and newest high-tech computers for sale!

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