Refurbished Computers And Why You Should Buy One

Refurbished Computers And Why You Should Buy One

When you invest in a computer you might be asking yourself, “How long is this going to last me?” The average desktop computer usually only lasts about five years on average before it would need to be completely replaced. Laptops have an even shorter lifespan since it usually gets more use as you can carry them around and they are harder to cool which is the main source of laptop issues. The average lifespan of a laptop is only about three to four years.

The word average is a loose term. The reason that we say average is because sometimes hardware can fail sooner than its expected lifespan or it can actually last longer than those 3-5 years. Everyone that purchases a computer hopes that they are the lucky ones that get the latter, but it’s just luck of the draw. Sometimes instead of replacing your entire computer, you can just make “upgrades” to it, but sometimes this isn’t enough to repair the performance of your desktop or laptop computer.

If completely replacing your computer is not in the budget, you can buy a refurbished computer.

What Is A Refurbished Computer?

To put it in simple terms a refurbished computer is just a computer that did not meet the original manufacturer’s quality check or it was sent back the manufacturer because of buyer’s remorse and it has been completely rebuilt. Refurbished computers are usually 30 to 50 percent less than the retail price of a new computer. There is a refurbished computer for all needs, whether that’s just surfing the web at home, for gaming or graphic design, or for a growing business.

Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Over Brand New

  • Buying a refurbished computer can save you hundreds of dollars. Brand new items are backed by a year warranty, but you’ll really have to do some research on the item to see how much you’ll actually be saving in the long run.
  • The hardware that is in refurbished computers has been through more testing than new computers, so the chances of you getting a faulty computer are low.
  • Most of the refurbished computers that are on the market aren’t faulty to begin with, most of them are just returned to the manufacturer because of buyer’s remorse.
  • There is less of  an environmental impact because old computers are not dumped, but are refurbished and then resold.  

Tips For Buying A Refurbished Computer

  • Buy from a company that is large and reputable. 2nd-Byte has been around since 2001 and is committed to provide high-end, low-cost, off-lease computer equipment.
  • Make sure it makes sense for your family or your business to buy refurbished over new. Buy refurbished if the price difference is significant enough to justify the purchase.
  • If you find a good deal on a refurbished computer, don’t wait around before you purchase. Refurbished computers often get swept up very quickly because they offer such a great value.

If you are looking for high-quality, low-cost, off-lease refurbished computer equipment for your home or business, contact us at 2nd-Byte and we would love to help you out!



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