Preventing Malware And Viruses On Your Refurbished Computer

Most of us have dealt with malware or viruses on our computers at some point. It’s annoying, time consuming, and extremely frustrating to rid your computer of those pesky viruses.

Monitoring Your Kids Tech Usage Over The Summer

Summer is just a couple of weeks away from sneaking up on us! The kids are out of school, which means they will have a lot of free time on their hands. You might be thinking they’ll play outside with friends or go to a few summer camps, but summertime for them means more time to play video games or surf the web.

Why Schools Are Buying Laptops For Students

Over the past several years, many school districts have been integrating technology into the classroom. Schools have been trying out the “one-to-one” program, where all students in a classroom, grade, school or district are provided laptop computers for use throughout the school day and often at home.

8 Things Kids Born In 2018 Will Never Experience, Thanks To Technology!

As we look forward to future generations, what is the world of technology going to look like for those that are born in 2018 and beyond? What common rights of passage do we remember fondly that  they will never experience?

Packing Your Gadgets For Travel

Did someone say vacation? While family trips can be fun, packing for them isn’t. With summer vacations around the corner, your family won’t go anywhere without their electronics.



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