Why Schools Are Buying Laptops For Students

Why Schools Are Buying Laptops For Students

Over the past several years, many school districts have been integrating technology into the classroom. Schools have been trying out the “one-to-one” program, where all students in a classroom, grade, school or district are provided laptop computers for use throughout the school day and often at home.

Research over the past ten years has shown that students test scores in science, writing, math, and English language arts have improved significantly since the start of these “one-to-one” programs.

Test scores weren’t the only thing that has benefited from this program.

Student and teacher surveys have shown that students with access to laptops are gaining 21st-century skills, skills that are needed in the information age. These skills include the ability to use internet resources and improving their collaborative learning skills.

Gary Stearley, the IT director for Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca (SDA) Schools, realized that to maximize the students learning they must gain the experience of actually using computers.

Gary had the challenge of putting together full computer labs, while still meeting the IT budget.

Gary found Omaha’s 2nd-Byte.com, a Microsoft Refurbisher of off lease computer equipment. Gary stated, “Finding 2nd-Byte solved my budget challenges, but more importantly at no sacrifice to the student in terms of technology. I was surprised how new the computers actually were.”

Every May, Gary meets with instructors and puts a plan together for the next round of computers. Last year, they tried the All in Ones (AIO) and loved them. They looked clean and professional and were able to maximize space in the lab. In addition to the AIO, they are testing the mini’s (HP 800-1) for some of the administrative personnel.

Since the computers are about 30% of the price of brand new computers, Gary was able to stretch the budget without compromising the quality of the computers he was buying. After upgrading the computers to a Solid State Drive, they were virtually brand new.

By using refurbished computers for your school, you can save thousands of dollars in technology costs. If you are in the market for high-quality, low-cost, off-lease refurbished computer equipment for your home or business, contact us at 2nd-Byte to explore some of our excellent options!



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