Packing Your Gadgets For Travel

Packing Your Gadgets For Travel

Did someone say vacation? While family trips can be fun, packing for them isn’t. With summer vacations around the corner, your family won’t go anywhere without their electronics.

As much as your kids probably want to bring their Xbox, Playstation, iPad, laptop, phone, etc. that’s just not possible in some places! This guide will help you select all only the essential gadgets on your next trip:

  • Determine your mode of transportation.
    Every mode of transportation has instructions for what you can or cannot bring onboard. Before traveling, check the Transportation Security Administration for items that you cannot bring onboard for your next adventure.
  • Pick your most essential gear.
    The golden rule of traveling is packing lightly. The length of your trip will dictate what you need. Does your trip require you to have 10 charging cables? Probably not. Essential gadgets consist only of enough chargers and cables to juice up only a few necessary devices. For all of your other tech gadgets, determine what your trip would be like without them and then decide if you need it.
  • Use a small carry-on bag.
    The bigger your bag, the more likely it is that you will stuff it with unnecessary clutter. To help you organize your gadgets, consider a speciality bag to restrict the amount of items that you are taking. Smaller bags are easier to carry and can fit underneath the seat in front of you if you are traveling by plane.
  • Check international voltage and plug information.
    If you are traveling outside of the country, be aware that different parts of the world use different voltages and plug types. Check out this list of specific plug converters you will need if you travel outside of the country.
  • Pack neatly and efficiently.
    Since your bags might be screened while traveling through an airport or cruise ship terminal, make sure your bags are neatly packed. If your bag is singled out for inspection, the inspection will go much more quickly if your things are neatly folded instead of tossed in the bag. To keep your wires neat, consider an organizer bag that is made specifically for chargers and cables.

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