All-In-One Computers

All-In-One Computers recently received a number of the ever-popular All-In-One Computers (AIO). All-in-one computers consolidate everything that usually comes on a desktop computer (tower, display, keyboard, and mouse) into a sleek and singular display.You can think of it as the desktop version of a laptop.

All-In-One computers come in a variety of monitor sizes, and 2nd-Byte currently has the HP Pro One 400 19.5” All-In-One and the HP 800 23” All-In-One. These units come with 4GB memory, 500GB hard drives, built-in wifi, and are ready out of the box.

Why Are AIOs So Great?:

AIOs are easy to transport. Since there are less components, everything can fit into one box or easily be tucked under your arm if you are moving your office around.

AIOs take up much less space. These are especially perfect if you have a retail location and may be short on counter space!

AIOs are very simple and easy to set up. In most cases, setup only requires plugging the unit in and pushing a button.

AIOs are cost-effective as you already have one monitor. Since the all-in-one comes in the monitor, you do not need to worry about purchasing one separately, unless you are planning on running more than one monitor for greater efficiency and productivity.

We are running a special here at 2nd-Byte. If you order an All-In-One computer, you will receive a free 20” monitor. Simply visit, place the AIO you want in your shopping cart, and once you go to check out, type in the “AIO” discount code to receive your free monitor.

By using refurbished computers for your business, you can save thousands of dollars in technology costs. If you are in the market for high-quality, low-cost, off-lease refurbished computer equipment for your home or business, contact us at 2nd-Byte to explore some of our excellent options!



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