Cleaning Tips For Your Tech

Cleaning Tips For Your Tech

With the arrival of spring and summer comes the season of deep cleaning. This includes the house, both inside and out, but it also includes your technology.

We hold our technology in our hands every single day. We touch the buttons with sticky fingers and they harbor a lot of bacteria. So how, and how often should we be cleaning our technology?


One of the most visible places for dirt is your screen whether that is a computer screen, phone screen or TV. Screens are easy to clean, but they also require a little more TLC.

Cleaning your screen with alcohol or ammonia can harm it. If you can’t find a gentle cleaner, use plain water and lint-free cloth like the one that you use to clean off reading or sunglasses. Computer and other screens should be cleaned on a regular basis. About twice a week is normal.


To clean your keyboards, turn over the keyboard and gently shake it to loosen the crumbs. You can then take a soft brush to get in the crevices of the keyboard. After dusting with a brush, canned air should be your next step. If there are still a couple places that you can’t seem to reach, you can take a q-tip and dip it into rubbing alcohol for the hard to reach places.

Computer mouse, desktops computers and laptops

Depending on the computer mouse you have, you might be able to take it apart and clean the dust off. If it is an optical mouse, simply wipe off the bottom with a cloth.

A lot of laptops have a removable battery that is perfectly fine to remove and dust. For computers with fans, they can be dusted from inside and out, but if you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the important parts of your computer you can take it to a professional.

Cameras and lenses

The outside of your camera can be cleaned the same way that you clean your computer. You can rub it down with a lint-free cloth or a cloth pad that is dampened with a 50/50 alcohol water mixture.

Cameras have a lot of areas where dust can collect. This is where toothpicks come in handy. The lenses of a camera requires extra care too. You can simply use a moistened microfiber cloth to wipe off your lenses.

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