How To Cut Down On Spam In Your Mailbox

How To Cut Down On Spam In Your Mailbox

If you have an email account, then you have probably received hundreds of unsolicited emails and promotions from companies and strangers trying to grab your attention.

The origin of the word spam is unknown, but it has several acronyms such as “Sales Promotion and Marketing” and “Short Pointless Annoying Messages.” So how do you get rid of these constant obnoxious messages in your life? These tips can help you out:


Filters are the easiest and simplest way to get rid of spam, and can be easily purchased to take the frustration off your shoulders. Although they aren’t 100% accurate, they are the most effective.

There are options for free spam filters that do a comparable job as well. If you do choose to go with a paid service, you have more options as far as customer support and customizing your filter. Free filters are most effective for domain emails, so if you have Gmail or Hotmail, this might not be the best option for you.


If you use Gmail, you have a little bit of an advantage. Most online email accounts have a built-in spam filter. These filters are difficult to upgrade or use with other spam filters, but over time your inbox will learn what is a legitimate email and what is a scam. Most online services usually come with a “spam” button to report junk emails.

You can also create your own spam filters to get the best results for what you are looking for. Gmail users can create filters for incoming emails. These filters can flag or delete emails that contain lewd content or common spam keywords. Google has a test feature that lets you test your filters before applying to fine tune your needs.

If none of these work for your needs, you can also try setting up a spamtrap. This is a nondescript email account that is used to identify spam email. Spamtraps only work if the address isn’t used or given to others as legitimate contact information. That way, any emails that are sent to the account can be flagged as spam and filtered.

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