How To Protect Your Tech During Bad Weather

How To Protect Your Tech During Bad Weather

Not only does summer bring vacation time, but it also brings bad weather. Keeping your business data safe during a storm is critical to your day-to-day operations. So, as a business owner, how do you protect your most valuable assets during bad weather?

Back up, Back up, and Back up

If your company isn’t running automatic backups, they should be. These backup services create a copy of your business data and store it in a safe location. The easiest and most popular are the cloud-based services.

If your business was to be physically damaged by bad weather, but you have a cloud-based service, you can still gain access to your business in a matter of minutes from anywhere.

Power Down Systems

If your business is at risk of losing power during bad weather, powering down your equipment will protect it from any power surges that could occur. If you do power down, make sure that you have your latest files backed up.

Use this list of tips to prepare your tech for bad weather:

  • Log off and shut down all computers at the end of the day
  • Turn off monitors and printers in your office
  • Place portable computers, laptops, tablets, and external hard drives in a secure location

Establish Out of Office Communication

If you think that your will lose internet, cable, or phone service, it is important to establish a way to communicate with the office. You can set up an automatic message to let your customers and vendors know that your office is experiencing some bad weather and communication might be limited for a short time.

Bad weather doesn’t have to completely interfere with your business. By following the tips that we listed above, you can save your business from any potential damage during bad weather.

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