It's Time To Clean Your Computer, Inside & Out

It's Time To Clean Your Computer, Inside & Out

Your New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be to hit the gym, but to clean your computer starting from the inside out. This means scrubbing down those keyboards, wiping the fingerprints off your screen, and deleting all the files that you have downloaded over the year. For this project, all you need is a microfiber or soft cloths for cleaning, isopropyl alcohol, Q-tips, and only an hour or two.

Exterior Cleaning

Before you do anything to your computer, you should turn off your device. This means unplugging it as well. If you don’t follow this step, you could do some damage to the hardware.

Clean the exterior
Take a soft cloth, slightly dampen it with water and start scrubbing. Be careful when you are wiping around the ports, you don’t want to get any liquid in there.

Start cleaning the screen by just wiping it down with a dry cloth. Go from corner to corner. Then, take the damp cloth and dampen it with water. If you don’t think just plain water will get your computer clean, make a cleaning solution of 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent water. This won’t harm your computer - even if it is a touchscreen computer.

If you have crumbs between your keys (Hey, it happens to all of us!), then you can use a can of compressed air to clean the crumbs from the surface. Next, take out a clean cloth, the isopropyl alcohol, and some Q-tips. Take the Q-tips and get in-between the keys. Using isopropyl alcohol can kill any germs almost instantly.  

Interior Cleaning

Delete files in Windows
Windows 10 comes with an excellent storage manager. If you go into the settings app, click on system, then storage. Once you are in this view, you can identify the folders that are taking up the most space, sift through these to delete the largest files. It’s possible that your computer came with a bunch of programs that are pre-installed, never used, or that you don’t want to use. In the same settings app, click on Apps & Features, then find those apps you never use and delete them.

Erase the past
Clearing your internet browsing history is another way to cleanse your computer of used space. Go into your web browser, open the preferences, and flush your browser history.

Finish the job
After clearing out all the files and junk, empty the trash on your computer, which will delete these files and apps. Once this is all done, reboot your computer.

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