Why refurbished laptops are perfect for students

Why refurbished laptops are perfect for students

Nowadays, a laptop is absolutely necessary for students to complete homework assignments, projects, quizzes and tests. Recent studies show that up to 70% of high school students assign homework that requires Internet access, only for the numbers to increase in college. Yet regardless of their necessity, choosing a laptop can be a lofty decision. These are five reasons why refurbished laptops are ideal for high school and college students.

Refurbished laptops can save students hundreds of dollars.

Even though Internet access is an educational necessity,  high school and college students may not necessarily have thousands of dollars to spend on a brand new laptop. Refurbished laptops arm students with the trusted name-brand technology they need to succeed in school without putting a giant dent in their bank accounts.

Purchasing refurbished tech from 2nd-Byte will ensure it is working properly.

Buying a refurbished is not the same as buying a used laptop from a family member or from eBay. Refurbished laptops are inspected and updated to meet high-quality standards. 2nd-Byte proudly inspects all desktops, laptops, and tablets to make sure all parts are in proper working condition before they are sold. Our computers meet the guidelines of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program, guaranteeing that our products meet the highest standards set forth by the manufacturer.

Refurbished laptops can be customized based on student’s needs.

When you order your laptop, you can request RAM, display, or OS upgrades so that your computer meets all of your needs. This also ensures that your laptop’s performance will meet your expectations.

2nd-Byte offers an affordable extended warranty.

All laptops come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back, or replacement guarantees. However, for just $30, you can extend your warranty for an extra 12 months. This means that if you should have an unforeseen issue with your laptop, we will get it back up and running for you for no extra charge.

Refurbished laptops offer students a short-term commitment.

Often times, students pursuing specific industries need tailored operating systems that perform best with their career-related software. For example, computer coders would not have the same computer preferences as graphic designers. Students may still be deciding their future careers. It’s nearly impossible to know where your high school and college years will take you, so refurbished laptops allow students to choose a computer at a lower cost with short commitment. This means less pressure to drop lots of cash on product when you may not know your long-term needs.

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