The Different Types Of Computers

The Different Types Of Computers

You likely hear a lot of terms that are used to describe computers and they can get confusing if you aren’t tech savvy. Most of the words that are used to describe computers have to do with the size and capability of the computer. Do you know the different types of computers?


The PC or personal computer is designed for use by one person. Before they were called PC’s, these computers were called microcomputers because it was a complete computer that was built on a smaller scale than the ones that were used by most businesses.


A desktop is a computer that is not designed for portability. Desktop computers are meant to be set in a permanent location such as a home office or business. Most desktops offer more storage and power since they sit in one location.


A workstation is a desktop computer that has a more powerful processor, contains additional memory and can perform special capabilities such as 3D graphics or game development.


Laptops are portable computers that have a display, keyboard, memory, hard drive, and trackball all in battery operated package that is slightly larger than an average hard textbook.


Netbooks are small versions of a laptop and they are extremely cost-effective, usually less expensive than your average laptop. Although they are cost effective, their internal components are not as powerful as a standard laptop.


A server provides services to other computers over a network. They usually have more powerful processors, a lot more memory and larger hard drives.


These types of computers cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Some supercomputers are single computers, but most are a series of high performance computers that are working together.

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