What Is An Off-Lease Refurbished Computer?

What Is An Off-Lease Refurbished Computer?

Here at 2nd-Byte, we get asked all the time, “what is an off-lease refurbished computer?” That is  is a great question and it could mean a lot of different things to a number of people, so let me explain what it means to us:

2nd-Byte.com is part of P&L Capital, which is a third-party asset-based computer lessor. Many of our clients are larger organizations that rotate their computer equipment every 24-36 months. The client picks out the assets/computers; P&L buys the equipment; the client uses the equipment for a set term; and at the end of the term, the client sends the equipment back to P&L. This is what we call off-lease computers. Once the equipment is returned, it is transferred to 2nd-Byte for resale.

What Happens Between The Client Returning It And The Resale Piece?

Once the computer equipment is returned to 2nd-Byte, this is where the refurbished computer aspect comes in. 2nd-Byte checks the equipment in, cleans the equipment, tests the equipment, and then images the equipment for re-sale.  2nd-Byte also invests in add on equipment (this can be added-on hardware to increase the computer’s capabilities), should the client desire. For example, we may get a basic desktop and we may add memory for our clients that have to store a lot of data or documents on their computer or our most common add-on is a solid state drive (SSD), which is a storage device. By adding a solid state hard drive, the client has improved the performance and reliability of their computer equipment. This is a very simple process for 2nd-Byte, but also a very cost effective opportunity for the client to get a new piece of equipment at a very competitive price.

All of the equipment that we off-lease and refurbish is business class equipment, not consumer grade. 2nd-Byte is also an authorized Microsoft refurbisher, which means that the client can feel confident that we are following all licensing agreements.

If you want more information on why you should buy an off-lease refurbished computer, check out our blog. If you are looking for high-quality, low-cost, off-lease refurbished computer equipment for your home or business, contact us at 2nd-Byte and we would love to help you out!



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