Best Software Of 2018

Best Software Of 2018

Sometimes the hardest part of running a business can be choosing the most efficient software for you.Choosing the best product is a matter of finding the unique needs of your business and then selecting a software that can make your everyday tasks easier.

We have compiled a list of the best software in 2018:

  • Quickbooks Pro 2017
    QuickBooks offers hundreds of templates for any accounting report you could need. This software can do anything from invoicing to time tracking, as well as managing contacts and calculating tax credits. QuickBooks is available on a disc for a one-time cost or there is a downloadable “super” version for a slightly higher fee.. This software is compatible with Windows.
  • Microsoft Office 2016
    Microsoft Office is a necessity in computer software.. The upgrade from Office 2013 offers more administrative features, but shouldn’t be too difficult to learn  if you have already mastered Office 2013. If you sign up for an Office 365 subscription, you can store documents in the Cloud and even invite others to access and edit them.
  • Xero
    Xero is a Cloud-based software that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. With this software, you can receive customer assistance via email, live chat, or phone call. A subscription to Xero varies depending on the plan that you choose. One of the benefits of Xero is that you are not locked into any plan and can change at any time.
  • Infusionsoft Complete
    Infusionsoft Complete can track up to 10,000 contacts and can live-record interactions with clients and customers. This software also manages email campaigns, monitors websites, records their site traffic, and how long each visitor lingered there..
  • Zoho Books
    Zoho Books is software for sole proprietorships and micro businesses. This is a subscription-based software with all of the features to meet a small business’ needs. The Basic plan can track billable hours and accommodate up to 50 hours. The Standard plan supports two users and can accommodate up to 500 contacts, whereas the Professional plan supports up to 10 users and holds unlimited contacts.
  • FreshBooks
    FreshBooks is another Cloud-based software that works with both iOS and Android users so you can consistently have access to the app’s key features even when you are away from your desk. The customer support for this software is top of the line. You can try FreshBooks for 30 days free, and cost varies depending on how many active clients you have.

To see some additional software options that could optimize your business,, check out our blog “Advantages Of An “Out-Of-The-Box” Software Solution.”

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