Technology Doesn’t Have To Keep You Trapped Inside This Summer

This week, we’re going to take a little break from our normal spiel about discount computer equipment to talk about some ways to incorporate technology into some great family activities and outings; and keep your kids from becoming screen zombies this summer.

Breaking Down Refurbished Computer FAQs

In the computer business, especially with refurbished computers, there are so many questions regarding the quality, where the computers come from, how well they work, what warranty is given, and so much more. Today, we breakdown these common queries surrounding refurbished laptops and computers.

How Cloud Computing Will Change Our Lives

Cloud computing is having the ability to store items in a server that other people have access to. Google Drive for example is a cloud service because multiple people can access it if it shared with them. You can run an entire computer system without actually having files stored on a computer system without having to store actual files on a computer. Cloud computing is just a safer and more efficient way of doing things.



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