Eight reasons to buy mini desktop PCs

Mini desktop computers allow you to have a compact device that won’t take up your entire desk space while still giving you the power you need. 2nd-Byte offers discount computer equipment to fulfill your computer needs.

The newest high-tech computers for sale soon

Digital electronics are evolving at a rate we’ve not seen since their inception decades ago. We’ll outline a few of the main overall trends in the current portable computer industry, and give you an idea of which laptops you may want to save up for!

Why refurbished laptops are perfect for students

Nowadays, a laptop is absolutely necessary for students to complete homework assignments, projects, quizzes and tests. These are five reasons why refurbished laptops are ideal for high school and college students.

Reasons to utilize cloud computing

Cloud computing has a number of benefits, including costs savings...but what is it? Why do we need it? And how can it benefit your business? Here are the top 5 reasons that you should be using cloud computing.

The Different Types Of Computers

You likely hear a lot of terms that are used to describe computers and they can get confusing if you aren’t tech savvy. Most of the words that are used to describe computers have to do with the size and capability of the computer. Do you know the different types of computers?



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