What Can You Expect From A Refurbished Computer?

What Can You Expect From A Refurbished Computer?

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been really diving into exactly what an off-lease refurbished computer is, everything you need to know about cloud technology, and how your computer works. This week we are going to dive a little bit deeper into what you can expect and what to look for when you are purchasing a refurbished computer.

As you all know, a refurbished computer is a computer that either was returned by a customer and can’t be resold as new; that failed to meet the manufacturers quality test and was rebuilt; or that came from a cancelled order. But what exactly happens when you purchase one of these computers? How can you expect the computer to work?

Here is what you can expect from a refurbished computer:

    • Batteries
      You can possibly expect that the battery on refurbished computer might not be the best. Most companies that sell refurbished laptops DO NOT guarantee that the battery is good. Be sure to read their terms and conditions.
    • Physical Condition
      It is possible that your computer might (not always) shows signs of wear and tear. You have to remember that it is not a new computer and has simply just been rebuilt.
  • Warranty
    With refurbished computers, you can expect a 30 day warranty and you can possibly expect a “NO REFUND” policy. If you need a longer warranty, consider using a third party provider.
    • Tech Support
      Many resellers offer some kind of tech support. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will help you transfer your old files or setting up your in house wireless connection, but it is a possibility.

    The things I have mentioned above are just things to look out for when you are purchasing a refurbished computer, but there are benefits to buying a refurbished computer or a laptop and that includes:

    • Refurbished computers save you money.
      When you buy a refurbished computer, you can find them about 15-30% cheaper than a brand new computer. The savings you earn from buying a refurbished computer, can allow you to buy a more sophisticated model of the computer.
    • Refurbished computer have reputable parts.
      The parts that are put into a refurbished computer are less likely to have any damage or defects to them. Not only has the damaged part been replaced, but all of the other parts of the computer have been tested too.

    Before you purchase a refurbished computer, here are a couple more things to consider:

    • Determine what your computer needs are right now and what they might be in the future.
    • Make your purchase through a reliable retailer.
    • Compare warranties and return policies.
    • Ask about any extended warranties.
    • Not all deals are good deals.

    Once you have found the computer you want to purchase, figure out how much it would cost you to add any other necessary hardware or software.

    If you are in the market for high-quality, low-cost, off-lease refurbished computer equipment for your home or business, contact us at 2nd-Byte and we would love to help you out!



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