How Do I Know My Refurbished Computer Meets Industry Standards?

How Do I Know My Refurbished Computer Meets Industry Standards?

If you are looking for computers to integrate into your business environment, saving a few dollars on the front end may cost you big on the backend if you don’t know who your buying your computer equipment from. For example, you may be able to get a cheaper unit on ebay, but many of those machines have inferior or non-working parts and that would void any manufacturers service or be nearly impossible to replicate. The implications to your business of having to replace computers because of non-working parts could cost you thousands of dollars. The other challenge is the legality of the operating system. Is it a pirated, or reproduced copy of someone else’s work or can you feel confident your following Microsoft protocol?

An authorized Microsoft refurbisher has met certain requirements set forth by Microsoft. The companies that are an authorized refurbisher of Microsoft computers can purchase operating systems from Microsoft at reduced pricing, insuring the end user a legal license. It is the responsibility of the authorized refurbisher to ensure that every computer is properly licensed with the proper software. An authorized refurbisher also has to abide by certain criteria to insure the computers meet all hardware specifications to insure serviceability.

If an authorized Microsoft refurbisher is caught selling a PC that has an unlicensed copy of windows can subject the refurbisher and the retailer to liability for copyright infringement. If you notice that your computer might be using an unlicensed copy, you should contact Microsoft directly.

An end user that is buying from an authorized refurbisher, should get a warranty and an opportunity for an extended warranty. Also, if purchased from an authorized refurbisher, your IT support department should have no problems servicing your computer.

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